About Us

We are specialized in the following areas of developmental and infrastructural construction projects:

Our reliable and unique style of work is based on nearly a century of sound management and adherence to our principles and values at the heart of which, is safety, quality, ethics and protection of investments. Values that we profoundly believe in, we live with, and can be observed in all the projects carried out by Shayegan.

Shayegan’s History - Stablished 1928

Shayegan Group is one of the most prestigious civil engineering and construction companies in Iran and together with its customers, they have created transforming projects that are vital for economic growth and sustainable development. Since the establishment of the company, Shayegan has completed a significant number of civil and infrastructural projects such as construction of dozens of bridges and hundreds of kilometers of roads, rail-roads and buildings.

Shayegan’s Principles and values

Shayegan is based on the highest standards of values and principles of international business. This company was founded nearly a century ago, based on the clear principles and values of a family business. These ethics are of the most important assets of our company and direct result of careful management and adherence of the staff activities to the same principles. Shayegan Group does business in absolutely transparent, fair, equitable conditions and with ultimate quality and cooperates with partners and customers who are committed to the same principles and morality. Return on investment in civil projects happens over the years and the quality and durability guarantees optimal return on investment.

Shayegan’s business partners

Shayegan knows the most important part of the construction business is in valuing the business relationships. Our approach to civil business is based on successful cooperation. As a construction contractor, with reducing the costs, carry out projects on time and employ strict principles of safety and quality we create added value for our customers and commercial partners. Through this, we create successful team projects, with common goals with our commercial partners. Some of our business partners are: